21 March 2009

isn't many...

An inkling of I*.

Imogen Heap - solo work from the front [wo]man of Frou Frou. If Frou Frou is indie, this is indie squared. She uses some neat vocal effects, and the songs are catchy and well-written. I know this isn't typical jlink fare, but it's easily worth a listen. Thanks, Kyle!

Incubus - ahh, the complex beast that is Incubus. Where to start? They generally use standard rock band git-bass-drums-vocals instrumentation, plus a quite masterful DJ scratching along. The guitar dude also plays some bizarre stuff every now and then - is that the lute on Morning View? Bonus points for citing Primus as one of their major influences!

Further, recog to the front man for mastering the "front man dance"; you know, that stuff lead singers do when they're not lead singing... It's a fine line between standing there like a moron and prancing around or whatever, also like a moron, but he's got it down.

I like their early stuff, i.e. S.C.I.E.N.C.E., quite a lot. It's crazy, busy, fairly atonal, pretty funky, not serious at all... To be sure, there is some of this brand of Incubus on every album, but it's more present in their early stages. I also like the DJ madness found in songs like "Battlestar Scralatchtica" and "Magic Medicine". Furthermore, though they gradually drifted from "nuts" to "pleasant", I was pleased with their general return to craziness on A Crow Left of the Murder... - see "Priceless".

Unfortunately, I'm a bit bummed with Morning View and Light Grenades. Morning View is almost completely devoid of atonal insanity, and, while there are a few wild tracks (the title track) and some viciously clever lyrics ("Quicksand"!), Light Grenades is also overly sane. Oh well.

In summary, A+ here! Plus extra credit for being permanently attached to my friend Dr. Mandenstein. Go ahead and rip me apart, Miss H.

Iron Butterfly - "In a gadda da vida, baby, don't you know that I" have no clue what you're talking about. A mention not for creating a catchy, popular song, but for making that song seventeen minutes long.

Isaac Hayes - a tough guy of R&B/soul and the occasional megafunk (the theme from "Shaft"), akin to Barry White... Whose vast collection of grooves is completely overshadowed by his role (and abandonment thereof) as Chef on South Park. Fair trade. Hello there, children!

Add as necessary!

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