31 December 2015

4D tracking

Ahoy! Just dropping in post-hospital to tick a couple of marks I missed on the December calendar. Don't worry, I'm too drained to produce another reader-repelling abstract algebra thesis.

The 18th marked four whole years of bed time. Ugh. If I had known at the start that I'd be out of commission this long, I would have gone after a degree or two. Or finished my CCNA cert. Or done anything at all, really. On the bright side, this month's round of surgeries have been the most effective/promising so far, so maybe there won't be another year. Hippity hoppity hope hope hope!

Next up, the 24th rounded out chapter eleven in The Big Book of Years Post-Injury. I have neither the energy nor the time (nor the desire, honestly) to recount the last 365 with any sense of sufficiency, so let's just say it was about as good as the quality of this numerically-appropriate video:

This year won't be missed on my end, but time moves with the majestic rhythm of the spheres. Bring it on, 2016!