16 January 2011

coding one

Hello, strangers! Here, have some words.

I can't say I've been up to much, which is a pretty poor excuse for not writing. Exercise options are a bit limited in the land of rural coldness. I mostly lounge around stretching muscles as much as possible, occasionally turning off the power-assist on my wheels and attempting to push in circles around my room. That, uh, obviously doesn't last very long. I think the whole place is uphill...

I guess I'm halfway proud to say I made it through "the holidays" on mere Vicodin? I don't remember if I mentioned earlier - I'm not looking back in the logs, so I'll just tell you again - over the summer I switched pain meds from oxycodone (the magic in OxyContin) to hydrocodone+acetaminophen, a.k.a. The Big V. Those of you who are for whatever reason familiar with this stuff gather that for me, after taking oxycodone for 5.5 years, dropping down to hydrocodone is akin to replacing morphine with baby aspirin. Aaaanyway, going through all those wintertime rendezvous while relying on a medicine that only cuts about 80% of the pain mustard was neither particularly palatable nor reflexively expected, but somehow it happened. Okay, I guess that was the whole story. Woohoo.

Ha, I know what I can use as paper-thin excuses for blogsilence! First, I recently upped to Windows 7 (and switched back to openSUSE; tough luck, Ubuntu et al), and I fiiinally got my grimy little mitts on a new and compatible version of Dragon. Ignore the part where I can't remember writing a single blog post using dictation/voice-recog software, and that excuse will fly... I won't extol the virtues of typing instead of talking at the moment; for now, just notice how poorly written this post is. Further, I only recently picked up a mic that is actually decent enough for regular use. In fact, I've updated quite a few of my audio toys to the point of overkill, but again, I'll save those details for another day.

My other excuse? One acronym: RSS. It owns my soul.

Speaking of, I have articles to read. Rocket.