16 November 2009

not just monotics

Que tal, pals! Slowster McBloggypants, at your service. So much, yet so little, to cover! My grammar is awful. Let's rock.

Therapy has been, of course, grand. Err, mostly? The Wave [vibration thing] has been in and out of commission - mostly out - so I've not used that in a while. I haven't been on the Redcord [suspension magic] for a bit either, but just because we're working on other stuff au lieu. Bummer; the Redcord in particular is an amazing workout. Instead it's been the usual list of short and long sit maneuvers, stacks and stacks of weights, and a vast array of rolling and other prone/supine mat work. Zappy bike time is always queued up for the last part of the session, bien sûr. I've probably forgotten a heap of other stuff, but hey, it's been a while... oops.

On that note, for myriad reasons, I'm taking a bit of a break from hardcore PT! I'm overall not pleased with myself about the whole deal, but it seems "oh well" is my only available input option. I haven't really even had a break since early July (which involved enough car time that said week barely counts), so it's time to take a few breaths and de-fizzle. Ergo, for a bit I'm cutting back from real PT to, umm, essentially a glorified gym membership? I'll be doing weights, the fancy non-power-assist arm bike, and whatever else is available at the first floor Brasza workout area, as well as sneaking in Motomed and leg e-stim bike time upstairs when they're free over lunch and such. Unfortunately, I'll have to give up the other neato CSCIR equipment - Wave, Redcord, etc. - and almost all mat work while I'm on break. That is, I won't have dedicated trainers/therapists at my disposal, so I'm limited to whatever my daytime assistant and I can accomplish on our own. Again, I'm pretty bummed - it wasn't my idea, and I will inevitably regress no matter how hard I work - but I'm trying to convince myself that it'll be nice to be "liberated" for a bit. My last day of real PT for now will be 25 Nov. Anyway, I'm tired of talking about it, so there you go; methinks you get the idea.

BTW, other than some time in Cville for "the holidays" in December, I intend to stay in Detroit despite the PT break! I have at least one xlnt reason to keep living here, but it wouldn't make any sense to pack up and move out for such a brief period, only to move right back in. Puis, just an FYI. Any other applicable acronyms?

I imagine you might be info-saturated by now, so I'll save some irrelevantales for later. Feel free to reco subjects to cover once the barrel of free-time monkeys has arrived... Otherwise, beware of approaching mundaneity!

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