10 June 2012


Hey there, hooligans! I'm boring, but this is not.

There's a particularly interesting reality show coming down the tubes in about a week. It's called "The Glass House," and it's a sort of Sims-like premise: a bunch of people live in a literally-transparent house, and you get to watch them live, interact and be rude to each other, reality-style. The Sims-esque trick is that "you," the viewers, get to dictate their every move, down to what they wear and eat, where they sleep, and who knows what else! Don't forget the vote-off-the-island part, with a twist... Sounds frightening to me, but hey, I'm not on it.

However, my sister-in-law and perpetual awe-inducer Stephanie is! She's taking some time off from her amazing life to go be amazing on national TV, in the run to pick up a comfy $250k. I haven't looked at everyone's videos and such yet, but compared to the other tools contestants, I'd say Steph is the appropriate balance of real-yet-surreal, and easily worth the recognition (and a heaping pile of cash.)

So, here's what to do. Right this second, go to ABC's "The Glass House" page, read up on and watch videos of all the participants, and choose your obvious favorite, Steph. Brush up on the show concept, rules, etc., as well. Then unclog your Twitter pipe and reactivate your Facebook account - wait, I'm the only one left who sucks at social networking? - because in a day or two you can start voting to micromanage everyone's lives. If you're ever wondering what you should choose, Steph's friends have a plan for her behavior. Then, just watch the show at 9pm (central), Mondays on ABC (starting June 18) and vote pro-Steph when prompted! Be sure to watch it live and participate real-time so your votes count. Sorry, DVR pals.

There you go. ABC, Mondays, 9pm CDT. Enjoy, tell everyone you know, and do everything you can to score the Steph some dollar bills and major fame!

(Oh no, did I just endorse a reality TV show? Yikes.)