29 May 2009

easterly wins

Therapy returns Tuesday. Get psyched.

24 May 2009

broadway cast

Hey all! I'd been putting off an update until after my doctor's appointment last Thursday, but it had to be moved to this coming Thursday, so no stories on that front. However, today it has officially sunken in - I'm out of here pronto (prontito, de veras)! Anyway, on to irrelevant uncropped pictures of kitties.

First, the incumbents...

Simon says z.

There is no caption that could make this photo of 289 ("Tommy") any better. Big black thing = upright bass.

Here come the newest residents...

Sascha, my guardian (he's so mean?), says nothing for now.

If Katze weren't secretly a fuzzy barrel, she would probably slide off the end of the bed.

Buddy steals my lap while Sascha isn't looking.

Gratuitous picture of the lovecats Sascha and [basement] Katze, hinting that I need to go to bed so they have something more interesting to sleep on.


09 May 2009

buck shot

Pity the quickies, foo!

--still sick.

--wedding at the end of May --> heading to Detroit early June.

--hoping I feel better by then.

--I just took my contacts out with the help of my webcam; wouldn't that have been a delicious Youtube video?

--super mega awesome: MY manual chair is supposedly built, ready and waiting!

--minor hindrance: it's in Detroit.

--so goes the tyranny of the hunt.

I'm bad at parallel structure. Rocket!