09 May 2009

buck shot

Pity the quickies, foo!

--still sick.

--wedding at the end of May --> heading to Detroit early June.

--hoping I feel better by then.

--I just took my contacts out with the help of my webcam; wouldn't that have been a delicious Youtube video?

--super mega awesome: MY manual chair is supposedly built, ready and waiting!

--minor hindrance: it's in Detroit.

--so goes the tyranny of the hunt.

I'm bad at parallel structure. Rocket!


  1. To your call of "Rocket!" I can only respond "The Horse!"

  2. Hi John! I'm sorry to hear that you are still not feeling 100% but trust you will be soon now.

    Holy cow, you wear contacts? I used to. But as I've gotten older, my eyes have gotten to the point where I have to wear glasses instead. I am impressed you can remove yours....much less with your webcam?

    Wow, how frustrating to know that your new chair is ready but you won't be near it for another few weeks. When you finally get it, will you post photos again? It's been awhile since we've seen any photos. ;o)

    I've not been up to much lately. So nothing exciting to report from here. I'm going to Chicago at the end of this month, so maybe I will have something to share by my return. (g)

    God must be testing your patience. You should be getting really good at that by now.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. FYI, I'm still excited for you for your to-scale silla. m!