20 February 2009

that certain feelin'

Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Time to sail those high seas. Aye, board if ye longs to see the morrow!

Know what rocks, he says with a double dose of sarcasm? Anxiety rocks! Here is just one of its many flavors: often, and quite unpredictably, my body decides it's awake time at some absurd hour. For example, today I powered up around 6am, circa 3-4h after finally entering suspend mode last night. The exit from hibernation is by no means casual, either. No; rather, the eyes open wide, the skin crawls with itch, and the brain bursts onto the scene at full throttle. Thoughts fly through the mind with little trace - even multiplying exponents, one of my favorite mathtivities, is futile. By this time Xanax (alprazolam), my main anti-anxiety med, is mostly ineffective, and I just have to get up and explode. But the day is shot by then, meds or no. Armchair sleep experts, have at it!

BTW, writing about anxiety is difficult whilst still under the anxinfluence...

Imagine the Utopia in which bed is a place of rest, not a straightjacket. What a luxury, eh?

Go go gadget logarithm!

15 February 2009

des milles

Hello, friends old and new! Ikimasho.

In medicaland, I'm doing well, so it's back to a few hours per day in the manual chair with no trouble. Speaking of manuchairs, it turns out that the re-request for my real j-sized transporter has not even made it to insurance yet! Waiting for red tape clearance is awwwesoommmme.

In place of a thousand more words of nonsense, enjoy this scanned Polaroid gem with the Käp'n, Cleveland, 6 Nov 2004...

07 February 2009


Hey, pals and palettes! I think I missed a round...

...probably because I don't have much to report. Medically, I've had to take a little break from the manuchair courtesy of some minor minor minor decubitus stuff. However, we're mostly healed, and I was con manuelita for a few hours yesterday without a problem. I'm in 'er right now, too. (les blessures par pression, mon cul!) After all, I'm either moving forward or backward, and that was quite a bit of backward time. One good thing resulting from the time off, though, is that it seems my neck/shoulder/back muscles had a chance to go through the natural strengthening process of breaking down and rebuilding, as sitting upright with decent posture doesn't feel as difficult or painful. Woohoo.

Elsewhere, similarly little. Without ruining too many secrets, I might have the chance to relocate permanently, grace à the magical peliroja? More on that at another time. Otherwise, I'm using the "good posture" excuse to watch the same few concert DVDs over and over... That is, my TV is positioned relatively high, so to watch it while in the manuchair I must keep my head up and shoulders back - proper posture! Else I can't deny, I have little inspiration not just to slouch over the computer in an absolutely horrendous position. Unfortunately for the p's, this means I've watched the Hallucino-Genetics DVD approximately 6.022x10^23 times in the past month or so. I still love it.

I've been watching entirely too much Robot Chicken as well - "Will help ever arrive?"

Methinks that's all. Tune in next time for more letters, numbers and punctuation. Rocket.