11 August 2009


Hey all! Perhaps I should update this century. Prepare for rambling nonsense, as always.

PT activities have been hi-qual. Beyond the typical e-stim biking, weights, and mat work, I've gotten to do Total Gym stuff and real arm biking several times... Weee. It's hard work, but oh well - easy therapy is pointless! Frighteningly enough, it's easier/less traumatizing for my posture and blood pressure to be upright in the T-Gym Norris Machine than it is to sit in the manual chair; maintaining the 90-90 position for so long isn't a truly natural human trick. Speaking of, I guess I'm getting better in the manuworld, as I don't even remember when I last used the power chair... Remember the part where at least one of my doctors told me the manuchair would be impossible and I'd be stuck in a power chair forever? Hmmm!

The biggest PT change has been that the facility was moved to a different part of the building. Today was my first session in the new digs. I was expecting a horror but was pleasantly surprised! Anything is a step down from the incredible space we used to have, but the new place is, umm, sufficiently mediocre? The track is tiny, pathetic, and barely usable, but otherwise, it's a workable setup. If nothing else, it's warmer! We'll see how it goes after inpatient neuro moves in next door.

In OT world, a bit of a surprise - monaliso came on Thurs to learn about crazy underwater hand e-stim and the like... And then I was discharged! Nobody gave me a warning...explanation...anything... I think it's that I do enough OT stuff on my own that sessions are superfluous? Who knows. I hope I wasn't kicked out.

Otherwise, life is incredibly busy but incredibly fantastic. A zillion deadlines are fast approaching, but I'm still in procrastination phase (permanently, of course). The "live-in caregiver" is moving in very soon, but I still need to organize further daily assistance, as she'll start her real job bastante pronto... I had forgotten how much work [and potentially fun] it is to teach personal assistants from scratch. I know I need to be bossy, but that's not exactly one of my best skills. Whew.

Umm, what else? I finally have my nice speakers up here, yay! No more agonizingly tinny laptop audio, and I don't have to wear the C-clamp-on-my-massive-melon headphones all the time to enjoy snob-certified sound. Oh bro, I learned from the best :-/ Now if I could just have a kitty or two, I'd never leave the room.

oook, food, proofread, post... Thunderbirds are go!