28 August 2012


Hey there, chums! Arbitrary-length summer break is over, I suppose. Back to "work!"

First up, I've actually been sort of putting off updates in order to keep my Stephvertisement front and center. Show's over now, so we can move on. She did quite well, BTW - no luck on the $250k prize, but hey, 92.857142% [repeating, period 6] naïve likelihood for that. However, she did walk away with a vacation, a fat stack of cash, and plenty of dignity! Early in the competition she won a trip to Las Vegas through one of the contestants' games. Posh, eh? Then, when there were six people left, there was a "challenge" that [details omitted] offered them all various sums of money to walk out and let a previously-evicted contestant rejoin the competition. After quite a few fairly small values were offered, Steph finally opted to take the cash and leave... Pocketing $37,600! Cha-ching. Quite valuably as well, she pocketed all of her dignity - she left by her own volition, rather than being voted out; she never even "went into limbo" (essentially the show's equivalent of "almost voted out.") So, way to go on pretty much sweeping second place, Grand Master Steph.

Elsewhere, you're likely aware that my health has been the mayor of Bummerville lately. The update on that front is more of the same; my physical status is so slowly improving, there's little inspiration to hop on here and attempt to make the same "still sucks" post entertaining. As of a week or few ago, my main wound (the one they created by screwing up a suture in surgery, grrr) is fragile but healed. Yay for that. Unfortunately, when one thing gets better, another part gets worse. Now I have some mysterious, possibly-infected area near the previous wound. Ugh. I can't win.

I do have an appointment in a few days with the main doctor dealing with all this stuff, so we'll see how that goes. Expectations are not exactly in the clouds.

That's all for now. Gotta get back into writing mode - so many introverted thought blobs to be turned into extroverted word blobs! Such is the fun of it. l8r!