30 May 2010


Hey all! Tick tock.

Hmmm, what to talk about? My pitiful little chunks of therapy have been productive - mostly working on transfer-related (transferry? transfurry?) stuff, building up shoulder/core strength and mastering the "lift and twist" timing. This may be an overly ambitious statement, but I think that not only will I be able to sliding-board transfer on my own, but also I will do so rather soon. Suck on that one, "quads are worthless" mcdoubtydoubters.

Elsewhere, what is there to contribute? I know...


Because of, and only because of all of your übergenerous donations, I have been able to purchase my very own FES (e-stim) bike. AWESOME. I reiterate, thanks squared plus one to all of you, as this is an incredible bonus to my future therapeutic potential (I won't be living next to rehab forever), and there's no possible way I would be able to shell out for a bike without you guys caring so much. Did I mention that you're amazing?

Ahhh, some long-lost optimism. Dig it.

05 May 2010


Hey! Feliz Cinco de Mayo, and TWO YEARS since I started therapy up here in The Motor City. Pardon the Twitterish microblogging, but stuph (thanks ian4mer, of RHIT fame) has been hectic lately. Real updates eventually.

Rock out, says college jlink!