24 October 2009

than never, ever before

Hey cats! rrow. Interpret as you wish, because I like nonsense.

Happy 2^10 day!

So, what's up here? PT has been hi-qual, of course. Weight work has built up the guns to a sufficiently high caliber that I've caught comments/compliments from random people. That qualifies as a self-esteem booster, methinks. A+ to exercise (poor puppies, they're sick). I'm not exactly bursting with typing time, so I'll say we've been sticking to the usual exercises that work and leave you to review as nec. Giddayup!

Mega advance: I've noticed lately in the shower that I can feel the warmth of the water on my arms down to my elbows or so. Compare to the previous mark of no temperature sensation at all in my arms, and there you go.

Here in the 3-1-3, we've cut straight to winter! It was nice, sunny, 75 for a while, and one day it warped to 45/gray. There were threats of snow. Ugh. Any day now, it'll be -15/frogs.

We caught our KMFDM pals a bit ago, yay! As Mr. Willis would say, "the jam session was excellent - the crowd roared like a lion in a cage!" It was a shame we didn't get to meet them after the show, but it was cold and late and we were in a sketchy part of town [ha, a sketchy part of Detroit... zing], so it worked out, I suppose. Here they are, as seen from the only "accessible" part of Harpos, behind the sound guy:

On that note, game over! A week or so until there's time to write for realz. BTW, speaking as a total nerd, TeX/LaTeX beats the MS math editor (and Word in general) at everything. Ok, go ahead, invent your own clever ending to post 100...