25 September 2014


Hey, forks! This should be top-notch anti-smooth. I've rewritten this post at least a dozen times in a dozen different ways over the past month-plus, but it has yet to come out worthily. I can't seem to find the right version, so here's a version.

First, not much worth telling has been happening in the realm of health. I haven't been up in the chair for a while - as I've mentioned many times before, I have a delicate skin graft donor site area on the side of my right hip/leg, right where the sling for the Hoyer lift rubs pretty hard. That's what happened the last time I was up: that area was almost completely healed, but the sling ripped everything open and erased a ton of progress. Now the area is 95% healed again... Cue nervousness and frustration.

Anyway, enough of that. It's time to get meta.

I'm still here. The blog is still here. I like the blog, and the blog treats me well. Writing is fun! Responses are a pleasure! A+ to all that.

However, my current level of interestingitude is near-zero. My health situation is generally intensely uneventful; when it is eventful, though, it's almost never in a good way. That stuff is a bit private and more than a bit dreary - and usually not viable for entertainment conversion - so it doesn't really belong here.

Elsewhere, I'm still pretty epically humdrum. For a while, I've been in a... hmm, let's call it a groove. I churn a ton of RSS butter, "take" nerdy not-for-credit video lecture-based courses, and do various other unspeakably dorky things to keep learning and stay sharp; I keep tabs on Jon & Stephe (and Chris, because I'm that mature!), nap randomly, and play games on the weekends - again, among other not-fun-for-normal-people pastimes - to keep the work/play balance in check.

That sums up most of what goes on here in my tiny little world. As you can see, there's no PT right now, and neither the "health" nor the "otherwise" provide much material for rapid-fire updates at the moment. There are things brewing in my head! I do have some elaborate missive missiles in the silos, and will be launched once they're capped with literary warheads. For now, though, updates just won't be particularly frequent. So it goes.

For the record, unless I somehow become incapable of doing so, I will absolutely announce when I will no longer post here. I hate when people just let their blogs fade, leaving me checking for updates months, or even years after they've secretly decided that they're done. That's not happening here; if there's been an extended silence (like the one I'm breaking now), but I have neither died nor posted an adieu, this game is still on. Got it? Good!

Ok, let's call that done. Catch you around!