26 October 2013

10kg of month-pounds

Hey there! How about a little updateroo?

I'm still in bed. Yup. It's been 22 months plus two weeks since I was last in/on a human-holder other than a bed, stretcher, or surgery table... And I'm afraid I have some more time to go. It's starting to get to me; anxiety is more of an issue than bipolarity anymore, but bedtrapment contributes to both. Having to ask for absolutely everything, all the time is awwwesome. Why could I not have seen the future at the start of all this and picked up a random MA by now? Ah, yes, perhaps it was that initial "four to six weeks" promise. rg!

On the positive side, at least my health has been steady since my last trip to the hospital at the end of August. That's a start, I suppose? Not much else to report from medicaland.

I read a book! Err, someone famous was paid a ton of money to read a book to an extremely eager and attentive microphone, and I paid taxes in order to listen in on a borrowed reproduction of that storytelling venture. This doesn't happen very often, so I need to brag about it when I can! More on my inability to process long form material some other time; I've been asked many times in the comments about my free time entertainment choices, so I think I'll finally tell you one of these days.

Let's leave it at that for now. Commence stellar weekend.