03 March 2009


Hey! Here goes... Let's start with numerical bands; then for dramatic effect, we'll traverse the alphabet (loosely) in reverse. These are a bit reviewish, but it's a start. On with the numbers!

1.8.7. - real funk instrumentation meets energetic, fast-paced electronics and DJ work. Look for them on compilations from DJ Soul Slinger, one of the kings of scratchelectrofunk, as well as the bro's passions. PS, they're fast... And funky!

The 101 Strings Orchestra - liars! ¡Tocan casi totalmente los metales! Even so, these are some fun, upbeat, dancey "Latin" tunes (note: "Latin" is a place, not a genre). For bonus points, enjoy the unintentionally goofy lyrics about dancing and cats and such, and claim that you're studying colloquial español. Most importantly, dance.

Why in the world am I so familiar with this stuff?? Remember when that Apple jukebox program used to sort with numbers at the top, rather than the bottom? I accidentally listened to 101 Strings through most of college. Now that numbers are relegated to the end of the iAlphabet, I accidentally listen to [the first few seconds of] a-Ha's theme song to The Living Daylights ad nauseam... On the rare occasion that I use that media player anymore, that is.

The's - responsible for the irritatingly catchy "Woo Hoo" song on Vonage commercials... Anything else? Beats me. The song is actually on the soundtrack to Kill Bill, Vol. 1. As astoundingly dumb as the song appears to be (ok, is), it's perfect 12-bar blues; jazz musicians, unite! You don't get to hear the slick drum solos on the commercials, but oh well. One of my goals for this project is to do absolutely no research or fact-checking (this is a blog, after all) - has anyone actually heard more from these folks?

Good enough for the get-go. Add your bands and harassment in the comments!



    i own 101 strings orchestra. 'excelsior, latin party' is the album that i have. and i probably got it from you...who knows?

    other than that, i have a bunch of random songs by groups that have numbered names:

    fall apart--1208 (something i got from my favorite indian roommate, ashvin, <3)

    kryptonite/here without you--3 doors down (i think that one of my brothers put that stuff on my computer)

    and everyone's favorite...

    from yesterday--30 seconds to mars

    goddamn i'm emo. and i might or might not put that on blast and listen to it on repeat and screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. it's healthy to like shitty music.

    oh, and i also have the kill bill soundtrack, so i have that woo hoo song, too.

    thank you for this, music god. can't wait for tomorrow's post.

  2. music blogs!!

    *jumps back from computer, dancing through the living room like the white nerd she is...*