05 July 2008



To start, you might notice that I reposted all the old stuff from CaringBridge to this site. Everything in May 2008 is a relic from those days. I recommend reading those entries if you have a minute, even if you rocked and kept up with them from the beginning... If you haven't gone through them yet, they contain quite a bit of useful info about me, surgery, and the start of rehab; if you had already glanced over them on the 'bridge, I changed/updated enough when re-posting that it's worth another perusal. Either way, I would greatly appreciate your comments on those entries so I can fill in missing info and start writing better overall.

Moving on, last week's therapy sessions weren't much to write home about - same PT capers as usual, plus stuff in OT that really doesn't seem to excite anyone but me... Lots of faux nerf equipment.

Speaking of home, that's where I've been for a few days and will be for a few more. It's nice to have a little break (and kitties and a subwoofer and constant secure internet), but rehabilitation is what I'm living for, so home is Detroit now. Oh well.

I thought I was going to write something interesting, but now I'm out of time :-( oops. Again soon it shall be. Continue to rock.


  1. John,
    I listened to your mom tell your story on Jonathan's show today and had the wonderful pleasure of hearing you at the end! I just want to tell you what an encouragement you are just through your perseverance and determination - and stubbornness. I also love your sense of humor and way of explaining things! I've sat here and read your entire blog from start to finish! So I wanted to let you know that I did a No Excuses Work Out with you in mind! You are so encouraging and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your blog with us! I look forward to keeping up with it. Rock on, John!

  2. Keep writing, John. We're with you.