06 August 2008

Video: Giger

There it is; questions/comments? Rock out.


  1. giger giger giger GIGERRRRRRRR

    so awesome. keep pwning n00bz to the nth.

  2. JOHN! you are looking great! :) I'm so happy for you! I'm at the Mayo Clinic now and starting work on my unit. I took care of a quad x 20 years today with decubitus ulcers (nasty stuff, don't get one if you can help it). At any rate, I thought of you (in an awesome way) and wanted to see how you were progressing. Clearly you are doing so!

  3. Wow John,

    A video! What an inspired way to update us. It's good to see you looking so great!

    And you work out on this giger machine how long every day? Good grief, you'd think that the staff could at least tape up some kind of
    photo or picture in front of your face so that you'd at least be entertained! Wait though....I suppose that they want you to focus on what you are supposed to be doing?

    Well, gee though; wouldn't it break up the monotony, if unexpected nice or funny things occurred every once in awhile when you least expect it, while you are peddling away? For example, you’re working away and a pretty girl walks up and kisses your cheek. Or someone dressed as a clown, bounces a ball past you. Or FlyLady walks in when you least expect it! (chuckling) Perhaps that might make it a bit more bearable or might make you chuckle.

    So John, what is your favorite song? Who is your favorite musical group? I’m a huge music fan, loving many different types of music. I learned years ago that when I’m really stressed out, if I listen to certain songs, I can literally feel the stress drain away. I don’t know how familiar you are with FlyLady (through Jonathan Roche) but she has several friends who are musicians. I’m a huge fan of all of them!

    Has anyone told you that Jonathan has a Blog Talk Radio show that you can listen to over the Internet? It’s on every Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern Time. I’m in the Pacific NW, so it’s on at 10 am where I live.

    FlyLady has a whole group of friends who each have their own Blog Talk Radio Shows. Every Thursday, she has one herself at 1 pm Eastern time.

    Then on Tuesday evenings, at 9 pm Eastern time, Eric Dodge and his band have their show. They have a camera in their studio, so we can see them as they chat with us and rehearse their country music. It’s a fun show that almost always leaves me chuckling.

    There are many other shows too. If you are interested, you can check them out at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channels/flylady

    They even have archived shows so perhaps you could listen to some of those while you’re doing your workouts.

    This past week has been pretty good for me, since I got to see Ryan Shupe and his RubberBand last Thursday evening. They are more friends of FlyLady’s. If you aren’t familiar with them, you can hear their music at:

    Well I hope you have a great week.

    Best Wishes,

    PS – I’m sorry I was so late responding to your last post. But I left a comment there today too.