24 August 2008

dash dash

Watakushi no tomodachitachi wa, konbanwa! The past week or two have been pretty heavy on the suck; let's dig for some optimism. Prepare for a short list.

--Manual chair propulsion practice has been rockalicious since I started using a peg-rimmed chair (that perhaps I will post a picture of eventually). We've been timing laps around the track; 5min/lap is pretty common now, with a record of 4:30 or so. But:

(1 lap/4.5min) * (100m/1 lap) * (1 mi/1620m) * (60min/1h) = (6000/4.5*1620) = 0.823 mph

= turtlerrific. For comparison, consider that walking speed is somewhere around 3mph, and people can maintain 12ish mph for an entire marathon.

Anywho, with some negotiation muscle, I'll soon be trying different projection-enhanced rims that are closer to the style I've been hoping for, and perhaps even power-assist wheels as well. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll graduate from turtle to millipede speed.

--Also on the manual chair front, I might get to steal one to take home for a day or two. Then I can check out tolerance during long-distance travel, bed<-->chair transfers, and typical daily whatnot (ADL!) to make sure I can handle it before I actually try to take the complete manuchair plunge. It may be ridiculously difficult, but my power chair days are numbered. If not ridiculous, would it still be me?

--John vs. Wall: jlink wins!

--OT has been mostly the typical pick up/move/stack stuff, along with the classic find-marbles-in-bucket-of-rice. One day I was threading blocks with holes in them onto a shoestring, à la kindergarten macaroni necklaces. My therapist told me I was "pretty good"... You know, like a toddler. Weee.

--I can has Sennheisers?

--Buckethead is going to be in town in about a month. Soon after that, it's Ben Folds. Yesss.

Okay, everything else I have to say is even more whiny and negative than the above, so game over. Thanks for dropping by! Secrets are waiting to be revealed. Word yourself out.


  1. john, you are my hero for including stoichiometry into this post. major heartage points.

    and duh, of course you win when going up against a wall. i wasn't doubting that for a heartbeat.

    you're amazing. can't wait for more secrets to be revealed.

  2. Children fear and critics rage, it's jlink vs. a wall.

  3. Will Wall want a Rematch... I think NOT...

  4. It sounds like your patience factor might be a bit strained (turtleriffic - LOL!!) but I think you're doing GREAT!! While you read the post and think blah blah, bore bore, I read it and think "Wow, look how far he has come and all the great things he's accomplishing that the naysayers said would never happen."

    John, you continue to be my hero. I would cherish a bead necklace made by you, knowing that it is a step on an amazing journey.

    Keep it up!
    - Doreen in PA

  5. Wall has yet to rebound. You win. Simon and Tommy say HI. Do you need pix? Video of Wed available. I'm proud of you.

  6. p.s. if your power-chair days are truly numbered, i suggest (demand) that you get one of those bloggerific countdown thingies up on the j link.