20 May 2008

multitask... fail!

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2008 03:26 PM, EDT
Hey cats! A quick update - I'm in the process of transitioning from one computer to the next, so I've been short on chances to recount. This battery is about dead, too. Excuses excuses. Here goes.

Friday therapy: Giger aka supine beetle, weight lifting, e-stim bike. Again, a huge increase in resistance on the Giger. Am I working here?? Otherwise, business as usual.

Weekend: Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep! :-)

Monday session: Lots of mat work. My blood pressure was behaving nicely, so we worked on sitting balance = positioning upright on the edge of the mat, feet on the floor, etc., like sitting in a chair with a therapist back rest. Currently, most of the work is keeping head up/neck straight/shoulders back; if you have ever seen me post-injury, you are likely aware that my upper body has learned to slouch into an unhealthy position so I can stay balanced... Yet another thing to unlearn! In case it would be too easy, I also have really weak neck and trapezius muscles (for keeping my head from falling forward), and very little control of the correct back muscles to pull my shoulders back and straighten my spine. Oh well. During all of that, we also did some random arm reach exercises, and as a break I would lean on my arms to work on that kind of balance.

Next was reclining on a wedge on the mat (30 degrees or so) and doing simultaneous neck exercises and estim-assisted bench press. BTW, I am incapable of concentrating on more than one aspect of a single exercise at once, let alone multiple complicated activities... There are some funny stories to be had there, but I don't think I have enough battery to divulge at the moment. Probably only entertaining to me, anyway. After these exercises was some prone (face-down) time on the mat, doing arm lift and head lift stuff. So hard! As I stated earlier, I have little voluntary control of my back muscles, and the ones I can contract are not strong. Weak, I say. Weak. Wrapping up the session was the usual time on the e-stim (FES, RTI, ERGYS) bike.

After the mat work, I had some Kinesio Tape stuck on the back of my neck, running from my hair down to the middle of my back. Google it.

"You're out of time!", Liquid Snake would say. I'm sorry that this post is rather incomplete and uninteresting; more to come in a few days. I'm not sure who you are, oh current blog reader, but I probably miss you. Thanks for your support. Rock out.

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