31 May 2008

first last post?

SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008 10:13 PM, EDT
Hey all! Lightning-quick week summary, and I shan't monotonize your brain with more.

Nothing profound has happened all week in the medical department. Monday was a holiday, so my sessions were Tues/Wed/Fri instead. Some sitting balance and weight training, coupled with plenty of Giger and e-stim bike amusement. The goal here is to keep you updated, but I don't mean to bore you with the same "ladybug and FES" post every time I write! zzzzz

Quick and dirty enough, I hope? I think I'll be moving the blog to another platform soon; I'll keep you posted - ha ha - when that happens. Not that anyone is reading, anyway. Go Penguins! Later.

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