09 May 2008

first week!

FRIDAY, MAY 09, 2008 09:55 PM, EDT
Guten Abend meine Freunde! I started writing and accidentally wrote a mini-paper about something else. Let's try again.

Therapy recap!

--The Giger. This machine involves laying on my back and simultaneously pedaling an arm bike and a leg bike, which are connected. Think upside-down crawl, or maybe upside-down ladybug? Killer shoulder workout, since it was unassisted and I don't have any leg movement yet.

--Lots of work on the mat. So far I've been rolling side to side and working on sitting balance/movement. Rolling is, well, hard. Sitting is quite an adventure! I have frequent orthostatic hypotension aka no blood pressure whatsoever, so I can only stay in position for a few minutes at a time before I start to lose it. Then today (Friday) (sexta-feira) they were holding me in sitting position and having me do stuff with my arms. I must relearn quite a bit there, as I spent most of that time freaking out about not balancing on my arms somehow... And oh yeah, they cut the back of my neck open about a month ago; those muscles seem to be a little weak.

--RTI electrical stimulation bicycle both Wednesday and Friday (cause of mini-paper). In short, it's a souped up exercise bike. Fortunately, there are lots of people and a Wii in that room most of the time for entertainment. Yes I did say Wii therapy.

Not much else to mention medically, I suppose. Thanks for sending me messages! :-) Coming soon, documentation of how little physiology I remember correctly... Ate breve!

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