27 May 2011

fire this way

Get ready to laugh it up, fuzzballs.

"You couldn't pay me to get a Lady Gaga album!" say so many out there...

Well, apparently you can pay me, because Amazon did! After pre-ordering the approaching dcfc album on Thursday, Bezos and Friends awarded me their standard buck o' MP3 Store credit; coincidentally, that was the same day they were offering the Lady's entire "Born This Way" album as a $0.99 download. In a bout of hipster irony that only the extremely-missed Mandy would understand, I jumped on the chance.

BTW, I've run through it once now, and the music snob lightning review is that it's very rarely mildly catchy, and there's a song partially in inappropriate German, but it's mostly just crap in a hat. It is pop, after all. However, it makes me think of my lost pal and smile.

In the redeeming "music jlink actually likes" arena, Sunday is the Primus show in STL. Enjoy the contrast.

Anyway, let the jokes and rips fly. Nerf-herders.

1 comment:

  1. you do listen to quite a variety of music. lady gaga would not have been my guess, but hey, if it was a free, why the heck not. maybe you can gift it to someone lol.