23 January 2010

with a silent s

Hello all! One mini-pile of humdrum, coming right up.

Pseudotherapy has been good, I guess? Nothing overly exciting - same old legzapbike+armMotomed over the lunch hour, with a few sprinkles of other self-directed exercise here and there. With any luck, I'll be back to [eu-]therapy in a short while. Until then, I'm trying to maintain an intricate balance between working hard and being phenomenally lazy. Pretty rough, I know.

Elsewhere, approximately nada - wasting hours to tidy up the music collection, as my library obeys the laws of thermodynamics (the second one mostly, though I suppose it can't reach absolute zero either)...

It's time for some new albums, methinks. Any recommendations? Fire away.


  1. dude how do you do you that? i need to learn how to maintain that balance as well! also, how large is your music collection now? i remember it used to be something like 10 gb or so (or am i wrong?) anyhow, hope that "[eu-]therapy" starts up soon :)

  2. dear john,

    heart when you talk about music on your blog.

    my most recent albums are taylor swift's stuff, owl city, and my brightest diamond. i'm probably going to purchase some more soon, too. any suggestions on your end?

    much love,


  3. Recommendations...Mingus Plays Piano, on the off chance you don't already have it?

  4. hi John!

    I think Bon Iver is a great group. The band is a mixture of folk and alternative rock. Hope you like them and I'm happy I found your blog.

    Heart :)


  5. Nothing better than listening to music.