07 January 2010


Ahoy! Should be PDFing paperwork; rocking some Soul Slinger, watching the snow, blogificating instead. Oh well.

As you may have gathered, I'm back in The 3-1-3 after spending a week or two in Carlinville. It was nice to be thoroughly lazy with the kitties for a bit, but it's xlnt to be back here working out again as well. A+ to the finished accessible shower at home, though - plus extra credit for constant water temperature! That's a one-up on the hydrothermal sine wave here, for sure. Anyway, posh.

Pseudo-PT is going well. I've been sticking to the leg e-stim bike and the arm bike part of the Motomed, and it's a qual workout. Like being in cville, it's nice to be relatively slacking for a short period of time, but my muscles have had copious rest time, so I'm antsy to get back to full-blast therapy.

What else? Not so sure it's wise to disclose fully one of my most drastic changes - suffice it to say that a fair load of space has been reclaimed in our suite, and Simon the cville cat got to keep one of his favorite nap spots. Mwa ha ha ha! A new page has been turned.

I suppose I should get some real work done, eh? Beware, further rambling might lead to an oh-so-riveting explanation/lecture on disk defragmentation, because I'm that exciting... Let's stay away from that sector. Har har har, nerds.



  1. haha you're one of the only people who i know would be able to use computer puns and make it sound right. glad to hear simon got to keep some of what is his. hope that the therapy starts back up shortly :) take care my friend

  2. i don't know what the drastic changes are, and that makes me sad. skype or chat online soon?

    miss you dearly. glad that you're back in detroit.


  3. mwa ha ha! space indeed, and heated space! old champagne.. to new pages.

  4. So cold that the posh plumbing froze - as well as the laundry room. Good time to be covered with furry beings.