22 June 2009

racing and pacing and plotting the course

Tag, Pepys! Let's see how this sprawls. A marvelous part of blogificating is that, unlike in more formal writing situations, I start whipping up a post with no plan whatsoever. Such is probably why it's never that good. Shucks. Let's rock.

Last round covered up to martes for therapy, so let's pick up at miércoles. And, miércoles! I only vaguely recall. There was e-stim biking for sure, as well as a giant heap of mat work. We did triceps extensions in the short-sit position - that is, sit up with hands on mat on each side; then, bend an elbow to lean to that side and push back up through that arm to straighten the elbow and return to upright position. This is amusing with barely functional triceps and barely measurable blood pressure... Further, my right shoulder exhibits subluxation (shifts out of socket) in certain motions, so we have to get it just right. I also did some prone-on-elbows stuff, i.e. face-down on the mat ("prone", opposite of face-up "supine") supporting my upper body off the mat by putting weight on my elbows. These activities are usually scapular protractions, which are basically doing shoulder-powered push-ups, and side-to-side weight shifts. Sem açúcar, prone on elbows is one of the most uncomfortable positions out there. Eh, whine whine. I think that's all for the hump?

Viernes was pretty standard, with weights, some long-sit entertainment, and a zap bike wrap-up. I'm no longer any good at Wii tennis; however, my score still magically increases when I am viciously trounced?? Wii Math is just as realistic as the rest of the console. Good riddance, Sarah/Elisa!

In the gorgeon of viernes tarde post-session, I took the opportunity to grab some headphones and push around the DMC campus for a while in the manual chair. I toured mostly familiar locations, including a few laps around the brush mall and a trip over to where the ER is and the pharmacy used to be, heading back home by way of the northern border/street-side/"[something something] Spain Elementary" sidewalk. I don't have an odometer, nor do I know how fast I go to do a rate times time equals distance calculation, but I'll randomly guess it was about two miles (3.2km).

Observations? People don't look before they pull into a driveway/loop from the street. There is no way the sidewalk curb cuts are even close to ADA compliance (you know, JKL/KG!). Pedestrians here scare me when I'm not a zinging electrified 1/4 ton of evil, though five-fingering my phone seems trivial when you consider how many large I'm sitting on at any given moment. I must modify my mobile music mashup, even if it means ruining my nerd-humorous total of 1337 songs.

Sábado, Henry Ford Museum! I'm not exactly a museum addict, but the padre and I had a few hours of fun. Mr. F was an industrial polymath, as it were, building trains and electrical monstrosities and whatnot. Not surprisingly, though, I was there for the cars and not disappointed. Go there if you're in the area or read if you're not.

Domingo, lunes were wonderfully uneventful. I went out and about both days, for a total of five miles or so (8ish km). It is outstandingly boring wheeling back and forth over the same few chunks of DMC sidewalk, but meandering too adventurously would be outstandingly unintelligent. Yay for the same people staring at me all the time, every time I pass. At least I've moved, chubbies. Get over it.

I guess we're summarized. I apologize for not having any jl pictures yet! Until then...

Sascha has not only figured out that I am no longer in my room in cville, but also solved where I have gone. Sorry, my little kitty, sneaking into a package to Detroit is not a wise way to travel.

Paz afuera! Wink.


  1. i have only read the first paragraph, and already i'm making a comment.

    YOUR POSTS ARE ALWAYS GOOD. i hang on every word and check it multiple times a day (i'm not kidding.) as if you could even attempt to claim anything else, fool.

    i'll probably comment again after i read the whole thing.


  2. YES

    shout out about curb cuts.

    OMG KMsssssssss keep truckin', dude. make those gawkers jealous.

    miss you hearts,


  3. I'm pretty impressed that your use of the term "subluxation" turned out to be about the least nerdy thing in the update.

  4. Not your Pepys, just your mama. Thanks for the update, John. Way to wheel about, Mr. I'm-my-own-boy. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks from your secret, ultra secure viewpoint. Miss you.

  5. miercoles, something long distance lately!

    when 1337 isn't enough but you can't bear to alter the nerd #.. los, but nerd^2.

    mostly all I remember of the summer sidewalk tour are the geysers of steam in back, the SSSpain, and nosing around pretending to have legitimate business/enjoying pre-interview anx.
    finally, menos que tres for the find-the-secret-shout-outs game within your posts. frreal

  6. Great looking Cat
    I have one pretty much like it

  7. Ohhh I miss you. KG and I need to come up there and verbally berate people who stare at you.

    I love hearing about your progress. You are the superior JL after all!