06 June 2009

chez j

Whatup rock stars!

Home sweet home, I'm back for more phys therapy in Detroit. We drove all day lundi, arriving circa 00:15 mardi. Delicious. No skirting around the issue - almost 12h in the car is awful in myriad ways. Upon arrival, though, joy! I had been assigned to a crummy, essentially inaccessible suite to start until a better one became available. However, when we picked up the keys, they were for the same [slightly less crummy, slightly less inaccessible] suite I was in last year... So, without delay, I get a roll-in shower! I'm a psychotically clean person; unfathomably important and meaningful is a daily real shower to me. Yay. I'd describe the two-room suite's layout and all, but last year's explanation is much more entertaining and inaccurate. It instantly felt like home.

My first PT session started about 12h later, consisting of two hours of eval and some time on the Giger. Weee. We didn't do the complete ASIA exam, but strength testing showed that I'm about the same as I was when I stopped in December of last year - not bad, as I went almost six months without any official PT.

Mercredi was the next round. Two hours of mat work, one hour of lower extremity FES bike. Endurance isn't quite where it was, but again, not a big shocker there (oh yes, pun thoroughly intended).

Nonsequentially, vendredi afternoon was round three of PT for the week ("doing the math", that means sessions TWF afternoons for now). We started out with chest presses and rows downstairs on the weight machines; then came some push-ups and such on the Wave vibration plate, followed by significantly better performance on the leg zap bike. Soon I'll be back to ideal levels with that exercise weapon.

Rewinding a day, we hit the highlight: manual chair acquisition! After entirely too many months of insurance battles, compromises, and plain old waiting, I finally have the thing. It's me-sized. It's comfy. With the power assist, it might even be too easy to push. Wheelies all around. Smiles, too.

I'm worn out and there are approximately 6.022x10^23 things to accomplish ASAP, so that's it for now. Welcome back to a blog with a purpose!


  1. Yeah! I am so happy for you, John. Now post some photos of you in your new chair - or better yet, video of you using it! Can you have visitors easily?


    i'm so happy you're back in edt and doing your thang.

    keep the updates coming, mon ami. miss you.


  3. Welcome Home John!

    How wonderful that you got the same suite so it truly does feel home-like and familiar!

    Holy cow, 12 hours in the car is horrible even when one doesn't have the issues you deal with!

    I totally understand your joy about the showers. I feel exactly the same about daily showers.

    Great news about the strength testing. Sounds as if they are keeping you super busy.

    I'm soooo glad to hear that you finally have your own personal chair! Yes, that news put a smile on my face too!!

    Good grief, I'll bet that you ARE worn out! I certainly would be with all of that activity and testing! I hope you are getting some rest this weekend and some fun.

    I'm trying to convince my husband that exercise CAN be fun. He has it stuck in his head that it has to be something like mowing the lawn or bringing in wood for the woodstove. NO fun at all! So I'm getting a Wii this week and figure I will get him hooked on something like Mario Kart first and then will show him some other things we can do with it.

    Jonathan Roche says that exercise should be fun, so I'm going to see what I can do.

    Our super hot weather has suddenly disappeared and we are back to typical Seattle cool temps with overcast skies. I can't complain though because at least it is not raining! LOL

    Well, I guess I'd best get moving. I need to get some groceries in this house today.

    Watch those wheelies young man! Would hate to see you get into trouble. ;o)

    Pam from WA state

  4. Oh John
    Long trips tire us out but are sometimes necessary
    I am so thrilled that you got your chair.
    Can you post pics
    Hugs Donnia in Okla.