21 April 2009


Hey all! Here's a dose of past, present, and future... Not necessarily in that order.

First of all, happy birthday [yesterday], Ron! I think I'm prevented from saying who he is, but if you knew him, send him some happy thoughts.

Also yesterday was a trip to the dentist. Ugh. I usually don't care about such appointments, but this time I was abnormally nervous... From the way the rest of my body works, I've learned to tell when something should hurt, even if I can't really feel it; thus, despite copious Novocaine, seeing smoke coming out of my mouth and feeling that distant nerve twinge are enough to anxious me up sumpin' fierce.

Next up, manuchair acquisition progress: ha! As if anything new has happened. Let's keep dreaming for now, and pretending insurance approval doesn't travel at the speed of glacier.

On the return-to-Detroit front, I'm guessing it's a matter of weeks now. I still have some medical events on the calendar that must take place here in so-IL, such that my über-optimistic soonest return date is early May. Again, though, that's optimistically assuming the next issue is taken care of at top speed... Further, rehab is supposedly pretty full throughout May, so it might be a bit before I can squeeze into their schedule anyway.

Aforementioned "next issue": I'm not feeling all right today; I'm not feeling that great. Symptoms make me think I've reached critical mass on KUB stones - my math degree makes me a qualified telepathic urologist, right? I have a CT scan bright and early tomorrow to prove my conjecture, and then it's off to surgery ASAP. Scheduling the surgery is the potential therapy delay, as Dr. Ro-z is a busy dude. (Note: kidney stones are a pretty safe bet; I'm always a loaded calcification shotgun, but we only worry when they're causing problems.)



  1. Hi John! Ooo, I don't envy you that trip to the dentist. I've never liked going to them and so avoid it as often as possible.

    I'm sorry to hear about the kidney stone(s). Hope you were wrong about that as surgery is never fun. But if you were correct and have already had the surgery, I hope you are feeling better by now!

    Nothing much new going on with me here. I've got a new Blog Talk Radio show about ADHD that I'm enjoying playing with. I'm taking a trip to Chicago for business at the end of May for 4 days. Other than that, it's business as usual.
    Housewife business, that is. (grin)

    Did you hear that Jonathan Roche ran in the Boston Marathon? His sister posted some photos of him on her FaceBook page. I don't know if this will work but you could look at this link for the photos
    ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/album.php?aid=20550&id=1448535670&ref=mf )

    Best Wishes,
    Pam from Washington state

  2. I think as a graduate of the Witham Science Institute, you are qualified to telepathically diagnose kidney stones.

  3. Agree with everything Pam said re: dentist and stones.
    Jonathan talked about a guy in a wheel-chair inching his way through the marathon on Monday. I told him that that guy is a fitness leader because he is doing what he can with what he has. I mentioned a woman with MS doing a marathon and I might have said your name too. ;) Best wishes, M