25 April 2009

ex falso

¡hola! Prontito.

Surprise! My conjecture about illness due to a rocky overload was not the case. I guess my psychic urology license should be revoked.

Pues, I wasn't completely wrong; I do indeed have a small stash of kidney stones, but they are currently trivial/benign/not the problem. Rather, I appear to have a hardcore infection that will require a round of intravenous antibiotics. Yay?

I suppose this is a fair trade. I've been up and down on illness symptoms, while kidney stones would have effected a steady decline, probably into hospital-quality sickness. Also, I don't know if it will take several visits to the doc to administer the appropriate IV doses, but I can get started on that right away locally, where I would have to wait several weeks to get in for surgery. So, I think I picked the right way to ill. Insert Beastie Boys jokes here.

Looks like only my head is full of rocks.


  1. 90% of the game is half mental, after all.

  2. ay, que le paso' a tu english, ese?

  3. John, an infection is much easier to clear up than kidney stones. lol

    I'm glad to hear that you will soon
    be feeling better.

    Thanks for updating us.

    Pam in WA state