13 June 2008

plus a thousand words

Whatup friends! Update on the past few days, sort of.

Wednesday was typical Giger --> weights --> zap bike. Nothing magical.

Today, Friday, saw Giger --> sitting balance --> e-stim bike. Also superficially unentertaining. However,

I sat up slash leaned around with my hands grip-gloved to a bar for 20min at a time! For those keeping score, that's several minutes longer than on Monday, and easily ten times as long as the usual before this week. Total sitting time was about an hour. It was a bit difficult, as I barely have any of the necessary muscles... In particular, the back of my neck hurts from trying to hold my head up perfectly (and failing) for so long. Oh well. No pain no, umm, pain meds? Whatev.

Speaking of feeling like someone slashed my neck open with a knife, it's been more than two months since surgery! Also, if I count correctly, I've been at rehab for... three? Four weeks? No, five wonderful weeks of therapy, ah ha ha ha ha! (Okay, so nobody's going to get that one.) Time is screaming by. Just throwing that out there.

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui. Thanks for reading and commenting and whatnot! You're so incredibly awesome. Rock it.


  1. that's awesome progress man! keep it up and keep us posted :)

  2. that's some wicked good posture.

  3. That picture is amazing... Your arms almost look as good as they do in your facebook profile picture...but you might have to bulk up even more than that if you want to beat me in arm wrestling...maybe i'll go left handed for you.
    also gives me a better since of the giger contraption in the background...
    But still amazing. You look great.

  4. No, no, not Count Drakula, but Count von Count from Sesame Street...am I right?? The only counter better than him was the baker that always fell with the cakes!!