22 February 2014


Hey there! It recently reached about 50, then 60 degrees here - part of nature's plan to turn the lovely winter wonderland into a muddy, slushy, black-icy nightmare - so I suppose I could thaw a little bit as well and tappy-tap some wordy-words. Hopefully it won't turn me into similar muddy pseudo-ice before I'm done. Analogies are fun.

Thaw, indeed. After two years and two months in bed and only in bed, I sat up in my chair last week! It was pleasantly uneventful; I was up in the power semi-automaton for about an hour, and nothing happened. I didn't even leave the room - just tilted forward and back to test my blood pressure and spun around a few times. Wheee! Fortunately, there was no drama, of the dizziness variety or otherwise. I was surprised not to have any bp troubles at all; after so much flat time with no postural stress whatsoever, I was not expecting to survive long. Then again, I was in the power chair, which is designed for tilty cheating. We'll see how it goes when I try out the manuel...

Here we go then, it seems - step one of infinity on the road to not being bed-trapped anymore. Wait, "step one [...] on the road"? I might as well be climbing the bridge... Yes, analogies really are fun.

In rather more farcical news, I will soon be smothered with incogitably bounteous wealth! Yea, for my response to Final Jeopardy has long been "Who/What/When/Where/Why is Falstaff?" regardless of FJ category, with an appropriately trivial (heh) wager. After all, I usually don't have a less ridiculous response, and while I'm generally anti-Shakespeare, I know from nerd bowl et al that he's a good choice because he is the character with the most lines and appearances in Ole Willy's complete oeuvre. (Really, Scholastic Bowlers, if it's a Shakespeare bonus, he had better be at least one of your answers.) This makes me look like an idiot most of the time, but less so than if I actually tried and failed every every every time, right? Well, my number [character?] has finally come up: a few days ago I randomly took the time to watch, and the category was "Shakespearean Characters"; I placed all I had on the shoulders of Sir John, before the commercial break and clue as usual... And I was right! The "answer" was "this character blah blah most blah blah blah", and my whois query was spot on.

So, Sony, since I was obviously one of the contestants and playing within the mathematical bounds of the game, I expect my check promptly. I wagered eleventy billion dollars. Pay up.

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  1. I've read this post a few times and just failed to comment. I'm very happy to hear you're finally out of bed and in the chair! Hopefully some progress is still on going.

    Maybe we need to write a petition to Sony on your behalf?