11 April 2013

creative metaphor denied!

Just dropping by to remind myself that today marks five years since the OMA surgery in Portugal. Happy thoughts; renewed optimism; hooray and more. Ok, reminded.

I can't keep my arm up long enough to tap out the fantastic, poignant metaphor flooding *intended* my thought process today. Feel free to make one up while enjoying the applicable snapshot of our yard:

I'm still flat under "forced bedtime practice" mandates, so that's it for typey-type energy. Catch you again after another set of surgeries! Until then, vote no to horizontality.


  1. Hey John! Glad to see an update and I hope the next set of surgeries gets you one step closer to being mobile again! When's the next surgery?

  2. I'm following and hoping for the best possible outcome. You haven't written a lot this year. Do you listen to books on CD? Do you have someone who loves to read to you? Do you watch a lot of TV or play computer games? Do you take classes online? Danetta in AZ

    1. Ahoy, Ms. D! You must have pretty delicate sensors to detect that I'm on the verge of posting...

      My answers are thanks, correct, yes, sort of, not really, occasionally, and regretfully not at the moment. Quite a few people have asked me similar questions and I've so far kept mum, so perhaps it's time to divulge that info in an up-front update. Keep your eyes peeled.

      Lookity-look, I replied to a comment! Maybe I'd have some readers if I did this more often...