12 September 2012


Hey there! Just wanted to let you know the outcome of my trip to the doctor was toootally* different this time! Spoiler alert: footnote on that one = "not really at all." They acknowledged that my their-fault wound was 99% done; they hacked away at my other semi-new problem area; they told me to come back in 6-8 weeks. So we've gone from "come back in two months" to "come back in almost two months" - yay? It's good to know I'm sorta-kinda-almost healed, but this whole ordeal has been and continues to be extremely frustrating. jlink vs. the world and such. Ugh.


  1. well, that is kinda sorta good news ... in a way. you'll make it through this and eventually it'll become a distant NIGHTMARE! stay healthy, john. frank w.

  2. I, and then my son, have been through prolonged medical experiences with set-backs that must be endured. I call them "character=building" experiences, and I know that there comes a time when one feels one has quite enough "character", thank you very much! Danetta in Arizona