29 September 2009


Hey reader people! Bask in the glory of this non-update...

First, happy birthday, Les Claypool!

PT has been going strong with all sorts of fun stuff at my request - Total Gym, Redcord, Wave, Uppertone, cool mat work, etc. It's been enjoyable and productive...and hard, of course! As it should be. Progress: alllmost functional (nearing 2 or higher on ASIA strength tests) voluntary control of various abdominal and related core muscles! I already knew I could stabilize myself with trunk muscles quasi-randomly when wheeling around on rugged terrain and doing leaning stuff in the room, but contractions are becoming stronger in, dare I pun, a more controlled therapeutic environment. Rock.

Elsewhere, it has become Detroitly outside - cold, windy, wet, and most stereotypically, gray. It's just the start, though, as these adjectives will only intensify as they stick around until next May or so. Yay, gray. More merrily, the hardest part of my current write->proof->fix->submit task is over, chemistry relearning and all! Yes, that's intentionally and mandatorily cryptic. Enjoy guessing.

Elsewhere elsewhere, my Wii Tennis skilz are developing from "royally subpar" back to "thoroughly average"... Why oh why am I incapable of standing a chance in any of the tennis training tasks?? I'm better at boring people away from the e-stim bikes, it seems. Watching simulated doubles matches is apparently not too enthralling.

Eh, I don't have much more to contribute, and Jeopardy[!] is distracting my nerdly soul. My apologies; a few more weeks of severely busy before worthwhile (err, less worthless) updates return. Until then... Rocket!


  1. Thanks for the update, John. Glad to hear you are doing so well!

  2. dear john,

    why are you so 1337 with everything you do?



  3. Ha, I seem to remember being beaten senseless by your "avg." tennis skills while being mocked by an 8-year-old. J:~32 games, A:0 games...3 points maybe?