07 December 2008

dull blades and evil penguins

Hello kitty! We're pretty light on worthy news this time. Wait, is any ever worthy?

PT: Wed and Fri were both bike/weights/sit in some order - long sit on the W, short sit for the F. Lots of "reach out and touch" action during sitting, which rapidly devolves into "picture people's faces and punch hard"... Remember, an angry patient is a strong patient! Grrr.

OT: Thurs session was violent in a more ninjaish fashion. Our plan for the rest of my OT time is to play around with all sorts of orthotic toys; this round was knives. Hyah. I tried out several different weapons, but the main conclusion was not to eat therapy putty.

Burnt hand update: 'tis in great shape. I'm keeping the worst finger wrapped to protect the part that remains slightly open, so there are still birds for everyone, but we're not afraid to use the grip gloves for weights, Giger, etc. No more hookers, I guess.

Dumb joke spoiler: for those who have been following along and wondering, the "hookers" are just wrist straps with metal hooks on them, mostly useful for operating the cable-based weight machines without using hands or fingers. I'm not kidding, though, each is quite prominently branded "The Hooker". Not exactly P-C marketing genius.

More stuff with a colon: the plan is still to return to cville 'round the 18th. It's way way cold here. Insurance is being dumb about getting a manual chair, but I think we can out-dumb them. Badtz-Maru is by far the best Sanrio character. Most animals have colons. I heart coffee.

Methinks that's all. Catch you on the cosmic highway.


  1. "the hooker", i gotcha, i gotcha...

    exercising with real hookers would just be so tiring and dirty...

    if only they had called them "evil penguins"



    i laughed harder at this post than i usually do (which is a significant amount, mind you.) i was going to copy and paste my fave parts into my comment box...but then i realized i was copying and pasting almost the whole bloody post into here.

    hopefully your imaginary angry and punches at my face from your pt won't carry over into the next time we meet. that would be quite sad, because you would probably break my nose or knock out a tooth or something.

    keep sticking it to the man. DAMN THE MAN. SAVE THE EMPIRE.



  3. Just checking in to see how awesome ironman John is doing. Woohoo on the unlimited therapy, now we just have to use your incredible powers of wit and intelligence for Good and for the sake of your almost new chair. And, you've got to stay away from "the hookers" John, I know your mom taught you better than that!
    And speaking of your Mom, please let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her and I wish you and your family all the best. Please have her e-mail me if there is anything I can do?
    Your "FLY" friend, Monika
    NEWO Support

  4. glad to see things are going better, hopefully the idiots can get their act together :)

  5. Here's to complete digestive systems.

  6. Thinking of you, your mom and family this holiday season and sending you all my best.
    I'm also praying that 2009 gives you many blessings,

  7. Badtz-Maru is my favorite!!!! But you could have guessed that I'm sure. Let me know via facebook or whatnot if you're down in the southern IL region and I'll make a trip to see you if a blizzard doesn't bury my car.